An oil cloth armchair?

Some days are sunny. Cold, but sunny. Spring is tempting us with the slightest touch of sun on your cheek before the wind slaps it off again. The buds are forming, to prove that the twig like structures are really still alive and the birds practice their best ‘pulling’ calls between gusts.

Having finished all the sofa surfing, hand stitching jobs for the moment, I must return my attention to the sofa standing barely dressed in the dining room before the weather is warm enough for gardening again.

A couple of years ago, we were given a three piece suite that had belonged to Simons Grandmother, who had sadly passed away. It is lovely to be given vintage furniture and we were delighted to receive the suite but you then have to find places for items that you might not have originally worked into your interiors scheme. Having only recently bought new sofas for our lounge when we renovated, we decided to split the suite up and placed each piece in a different room. The armchair that ended up in our breakfast room was immediately adopted by our canine girls and after a few months began to look and smell a bit doggy. Not a nice smell in any room, but especially not next to the table where we eat most of our meals! I thought about making a loose cover for it, that I could throw in the washing machine but realised that I would have to make two, one on and one in the wash, plus that would be double the cost and effort. Then I had a brainwave – I’ll re-upholster it in oil cloth!

“Nooooo” I can hear upholsterers across the land shouting! As well they might. It was not one of my cleverest of ideas. I have only upholstered one armchair previously (the other in the pair), so not what you might call experienced and the problem with oil cloth is it’s not very pliable. Most probably the reason why you don’t see furniture covered with it?

Anyway, having purchased my cloth – that’s what I was doing! I stripped the chair and the sofa at the same time hoping to finish both before Christmas,  but sadly I ended up having to mothball the sofa over the festive season.IMG_0459

As time goes on, I know that if I don’t get back to finishing the sofa soon, I’ll lose the will to, just like the window seat cushion. I was sitting in the car this morning waiting for the troops to board when I noticed the sofa springs and hessian through the window. Not a good look!