April 24th – Spanish Cream

1 Cup = 1/2 US Pint = 0.42 UK pints 8.4 fl.oz = 237ml
1 Quart = 2 US Pints = 1.66 UK Pints = 33.2 fl.oz = 947ml
1 US tsp = 0.83 UK tsp
1 US tblsp = 0.83 UK tblsp
1 US Ib = 1.2 UK lb = 19.2 oz = 454g

1/3 of a box of gelatine
1/3 cup cold water
4 eggs, separated
1 pint milk
1/2 cup white sugar
3/4 cup boiling water
You will also need a double saucepan to boil the milk, called a farina boiler (or equivalent). More information on the original items can be found at http://www.victorianpassage.com/2008/11/civil_war_era_kitchen_utensils.php

Place the gelatine in the cold water to soak.

Boil the milk in a double pan and add the egg yolks, beaten with the sugar until light.

Add the egg mixture to the milk, stirring continuously, and allow to cool.

Beat the egg whites to a stiff froth.

Add the hot water to the gelatine, stir to dissolve and strain. Add the egg whites.

Mix everything together and stir. Turn into a wetted mould.

When set, this should have settled into three layers.