Now that the weather is hot!


It’s been a while since I last posted a blog – its been a bit hectic in the VHL household. Local elections, redundancy and then (thankfully) a new job have rather taken precedent. As always there’ s something to be done, but it’s a lovely afternoon and nothing pressing, so I’m allowing myself the pleasure to write.

The hot (note: not warm – but hot!) weather has drawn me out of doors. The sofa renovation not quite yet complete, stands abandoned in the dining room while I turn my attention to the garden. Only a few months ago I was whining to my Husband about how awful I thought our little back garden was. Its only colour was the fading Camellia flowers, long wet grass and brown bare beds, but now the summer plants are in full glory and with the addition of a few annuals, I must concede that it’s looking quite lovely.

The gardens have been evolving slowly over the last couple of years. Mainly due to the fact that if we’ve had any dry weather, we’ve had to utilise it to carry out house or garden furniture maintenance. Of course, the purse strings are another factor. Whilst watching garden makeover programmes on the television, full of excitement and anticipation to practice the same, it soon turns to a little envy of the fact that those program makers spend a small fortune on their planting, whereas our budget is a little more restrained!

I try and pick up bargains like supermarket buys or post flowering shrubs and trees that are selling a little cheaper.

I’ve been trying to remember to take photographs, so that during the winter months I will remember where my perennials are and plan my summer planting around them, whilst there’s still plenty of summer bedding plants in the gardening stores. Unfortunately, this year, I waited until it was in full spread before plugging the gaps, but there wasn’t a lot to choose from, so the colouring is a little hap-hazzard!

I came home one day last week thrilled that I’d managed to pick up some bargain spring flowering shrubs to give the garden some early colour next year, only to realise that having already filled the spaces with some odd coloured verbena, I actually had nowhere to plant them!

Maybe I’ll go back to finishing the sofa….