The Sofa Project…


When the weather started to turn Autumnal, I mustered up the enthusiasm to carry on with the sofa re-upholster, which has been an on-off project for the last year. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t want to finish it, just that everyday life got in the way and being such a novice meant that as soon as I got back into the swing of it, it was time to do something else! I decided therefore, that I would commit myself to it fully, on my days off, ignoring all but necessary housework and Mum jobs, with plenty of time to get it done before Christmas. Then a little brown letter plopped through the door ordering Jury service and its completion was suddenly a little urgent.

Well, it was the kick that I needed and after several days of holing myself up in the dining room with a favourite cd and a mug of coffee I emerged triumphant at my accomplishment and totally done with it!

This was my first sofa re-upholster and I’m self taught, so it’s not perfect, but I am really thrilled with the finish and would urge anyone to have a go. I completed the look with some cushions to match the curtains I made last year.