It’s very exciting!

Well, that was Christmas and New Year, done in a flash once again. Now the longing has started to welcome spring. This winter has definitely been the windiest I can remember, and although it’s reported to be the wettest, it hasn’t seemed to me like the monotonous pouring of some winters. However, I must concede that when it falls, oh boy! Bucketing it down has been the correct description. Our little back lawn that I was so proud of last summer currently resembles a swimming pool. Whilst I’d be happy to have a swimming pool, the outdoor mud version in our British weather not so appealing. We may have to rethink the back garden this year…..

When we renovated the house, I chose the back bedroom on the first floor for my office as it has an – albeit, distant view of St. Michaels Mount – in my view that’s enough! Now I say ‘my’ office, but Hubby had very definite designs on this space and it didn’t really suit my requirements.  The last couple of years have been spent working less at home and my desire to have more of a craft room has grown. My stepson jumped at the chance to have my old office as his bedroom, so we are in the process of freshening it up and turning it into a teen space.

This means that I will soon be turning my stepsons old bedroom on the top floor into a large craft space, where I can renovate small pieces of furniture, have my sewing machine permanently set up and an area for creating new ideas.  It’s very exciting!….