At least one job finished!

Golly, it has been a very busy year at work and my blog has been sadly neglected, but I’ve given myself a nudge and promise to post more often in future!

Lots of things have been happening at the VHL house since my last post!

The old office has been turned into a lovely teen space for step-son and his old room is slowly evolving into a new craft room.

Hubbie kindly found all of my collected horde and stacked them up for me to see – unfortunately, there was no room to move, so I’m trying to sort those items I want to give attention to first. I look at each piece and have this urge to love it, but I can’t love it all at once! Once I’ve conquered the furniture mountain, I’ll keep you posted!

We decorated the hallway. well, I say decorated, we started on the hall and worked our way up to the landing as far as our bedroom, where the paint pot now sits…

IMG_1554In defence of our inability to finish the hall, I moved on to making a new front door curtain and window blind for the landing, while Simon moved on to the back garden as soon as the warm weather arrived. The mud pool will be no more….

IMG_1566I did, however, finally get round to finishing the utility room – it’s only taken 5 years… I had no excuse, the tiles and paint were under the sink!  The room has a lovely utilitarian feel and I’m really pleased with the outcome.